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What you need to know about vision insurance.  

What people find surprising mostly about vision insurance is that in most cases
your major medical insurance plan will not cover any vision issues. 

The benefits to a vision plan are easy to see.  

It is essential you and your family are fully protected with the right vision insurance plan. Without a vision insurance plan, you could find yourself paying the full cost out-of-pocket for:

  • Eye Exams
  • Cost of Glasses / Lenses
  • Vision Correction Procedures
  • Cost of Contacts

Did you know that catching eye problems early can be essential in successfully treating them therefore, you might want to make an annual eye exam part of your regular health care routine.

How does vision insurance work?

Vision insurance plans work similar to that of major medical plans in that they usually operate through provider networks, and services received at an in-network provider will cost you less. You can expect to have pay copays for exams, glasses, and contacts. However, depending on the plan you choose, your annual exam may be covered at 100% if you stay within the plan’s network. It is also possible that your eyewear could also be covered at no cost if you selection is under the limits that the plan provides.


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